Discovering the Channel Island

Channel Island is a group of islands off the coast of France. Albeit rarely known by many people, this place is a haven of scenic landscape and natural beauty. So if it is your first time to hear about this country, here are a couple of things that you can actually enjoy here. 


There are many things to do upon arriving into this wonderful country such as  hiking, playing some water sports, and trekking in the hilly sides of the island.  Other activities include:

• snorkerling

• kayaking

• island hopping

• surfinig

• camping

• Fishing

• Wildlife/Wildflower viewing

Anacapa Island

Explore Anacapa Island for half a day or spend a night to camp. However, since the island is isolated and does not have any services, you need to be prepared when you visit here. You best takeaway? There is so much beauty to enjoy and you can take this solitude for self-healing, meditation, and therapy.

Santa Rosa Island

Surf and conquer the waves at Santa Rosa Island. If you want adventure, well this island will truly satisfy your craving for it. Just a tip – the weather here is very unpredictable making it part of your adventure.

The Elizabeth Castle

Tour around the Elizabeth Castle and get up close with century-old infrastructure. Every detail will take you back to many years ago when kings and queens used to rule this side of the world. The tour typically just lasts 3 hours, so you still have time to explore other iconic places. 

Playmont Bay

Playmont Bay is the most popular beach in Channel Island. It showcases flat sandy beaches, rock pools, waterfalls, and a lot of beautiful caves to explore. Why don’t you bring a friend over and enjoy this wonderful excursion together?

Santa Barbara Island

They say only the brave can go snorkeling or scuba diving in Santa Barbara island probably because of the deep blue waters and moderately isolated area. But just so you know, this place is quite safe and you’ll find other tourists enjoying similar other actitvities. So put on that suit and your flippers as well, and enjoy see the lovely underwater habitat.

Santa Cruz Island

If you love camping then you need Santa Cruz Island is the best destination for you.  There are great camping sites in the area that let you build your tent and enjoy an overnight stay with great views, cold damp air, and starry night.

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