5 Reasons why you have to Visit Boston

Packed with world-class educational institutions, fantastic museums, awe-inspiring architecture, and unique culture steeped in hundreds of years of history, Boston is an intriguing destination with so much to offer.

The exciting sports, entertainment, and amazing cuisine in this historic city make it even more exciting. Whether you’re looking to have a family vacation, traveling for business, or getting here for a fun-filled sports weekend, Boston has plenty of things to fulfill all your needs. Here’s why you should get Boston on top of your travel list. 

There’s History on Every Corner

Ever wondered or asked yourself why Boston is often referred to as the “Cradle of Modern America?” No one visits Boston and leaves without learning about the country’s history. Boston is one of America’s most historic cities as it’s the birthplace of the American Revolution.

The Paul Revere House, Old State House, and location of the Boston Tea Party are some of the historic cites you must visit. Get to the Freedom Trail and explore the 16 historical sites across this incredible city. The red brick road will guide you slowly as you step back in time. Don’t forget that history is a way of life. 

Marvel at an amazing Array of Architecture

Marvel at the city’s most magnificent and gorgeous architecture at Copley Square and around the Back Bay plaza. The best way to appreciate the beauty of the skyline in Boston is by being up close. Don’t just gaze upwards. The contrast of old-world and new architecture is quite striking and brings life to the city. The eclectic mix of gothic churches right in front of awe-inspiring and beautiful skyscrapers is quite a sight to behold. 

Museums Suited for all Interests

Whether you’re a sports fanatic, art lover, or history buff, Boston is home to over sixty museums that fit everyone’s tastes. The modern works and fantastic works of art at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and the Isabella Gardner Museum are worth exploring. Be sure to spend some time strolling in the beautiful gardens within the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum grounds. Other museums to visit include the country’s fifth largest museum- Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Science. 

Island Hopping

If you’re looking for an exciting and fulfilling urban-adventure destination, a day trip to Boston Harbor is all you need. With its 34 islands, Boston Harbor allows both locals and visitors to escape the city for some real urban-adventure. Take a ferry from Long Wharf and get out to Spectacle Island or Georges Island. It’s easy to explore the remaining islands from either of these two islands. Sailing your own boat makes it even more exciting as you have unlimited options at your disposal. 

Experience Fresh New England Seafood

Boston is one of the American cities famed for boiled lobster and clam chowder. You wonder why it’s known as “American’s seafood capital?” Well, get here and see for yourself. There’s a rich mix of ethnic flavors and bountiful autumnal harvests from around the world. Be sure to try the Neptune Oyster when you come!

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