Discovering the Channel Island

Channel Island is a group of islands off the coast of France. Albeit rarely known by many people, this place is a haven of scenic landscape and natural beauty. So if it is your first time to hear about this country, here are a couple of things that you can actually enjoy here. 


There are many things to do upon arriving into this wonderful country such as  hiking, playing some water sports, and trekking in the hilly sides of the island.  Other activities include:

• snorkerling

• kayaking

• island hopping

• surfinig

• camping

• Fishing

• Wildlife/Wildflower viewing

Anacapa Island

Explore Anacapa Island for half a day or spend a night to camp. However, since the island is isolated and does not have any services, you need to be prepared when you visit here. You best takeaway? There is so much beauty to enjoy and you can take this solitude for self-healing, meditation, and therapy.

Santa Rosa Island

Surf and conquer the waves at Santa Rosa Island. If you want adventure, well this island will truly satisfy your craving for it. Just a tip – the weather here is very unpredictable making it part of your adventure.

The Elizabeth Castle

Tour around the Elizabeth Castle and get up close with century-old infrastructure. Every detail will take you back to many years ago when kings and queens used to rule this side of the world. The tour typically just lasts 3 hours, so you still have time to explore other iconic places. 

Playmont Bay

Playmont Bay is the most popular beach in Channel Island. It showcases flat sandy beaches, rock pools, waterfalls, and a lot of beautiful caves to explore. Why don’t you bring a friend over and enjoy this wonderful excursion together?

Santa Barbara Island

They say only the brave can go snorkeling or scuba diving in Santa Barbara island probably because of the deep blue waters and moderately isolated area. But just so you know, this place is quite safe and you’ll find other tourists enjoying similar other actitvities. So put on that suit and your flippers as well, and enjoy see the lovely underwater habitat.

Santa Cruz Island

If you love camping then you need Santa Cruz Island is the best destination for you.  There are great camping sites in the area that let you build your tent and enjoy an overnight stay with great views, cold damp air, and starry night.

Most Affordable Hotels in Toronto

Toronto is not just the most visited city in Toronto. It is also the largest and most diverse city in Canada. It’s no surprise that many people love to come here. That is why we have listed some of the most popular and affordable hotels in Toronto.

Village at York

This budget hotel offers a comfortable accommodation just a few kilometers away from York University. It has free Wi-Fi and a shared lounge. There is a garden making the place a bit homy. There is a barbecue corner that is available for all guests at the homestay along with a terrace. It is quite affordable giving you the best value for your money.

Home in Downtown

If you’re not coming along with kids and you don’t mind a really simple accommodation, Home in Downtown is ideal for you. This hotel provides adults-only accommodation with a shared lounge and a garden. It has clean rooms with a desk table. This place is perfect for short stays and for travelers on a budget.

Le Germain Hotel Toronto

Located at the heart of Toronto, Le Germain offers a comfortable accomodation with a restaurant and a bar. It has daily breakfast and free WiFi for all its guests. You can choose this hotel if you want to be nearer the St. Andrew Subway Station.

Sterling Suits Financial District

If you want a very neat and clean room in the Financial District, you will love the Sterling Suits. This hotel is also near Hanlan’s Point Beach and Cherry Beach. There is a terrace where you can relax. The check in details is very easy making this hotel often a top choice for busy travelers. The fact that it is close to numerous restaurants and attractions is absolutely a plus.

Simply Comfort

Set in Toronto just a few meters away from Sunny Side Beach, Simply Comfort offers an awesome accommodation with free WiFi for all guests. The staff is friendly and the price is just right for tourists on a budget. It has its own fitness centre just in case you need to exercise or condition your body for a long day tour. It has great city views and some rooms have a balcony. 

Essential Tips for Your First Trip to Singapore

Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world and this is just one of the many reasons why many people love to visit this country.  Although a small country, Singapore boasts modern trappings and a wide variety of tourist spots that are worth every tourist’s precious time. So if you are traveling to this city, here are some essential tips you can use for a wonderful vacation.

1.       Use the public transportation

 Singapore has impressive transportation and if you want the fastest way to get to your destinations, you better ride the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). This will save you a lot of cash. When you get here, make sure you get the Singapore Tourist Pass for only $7.50USD and get unlimited travel for a day.

2.       Eat like the locals

Singapore is home to Michelin-star restaurants that offer mouth-watering cuisines.  However, you don’t have to dine in costly restaurants. If you really want to get the most of Singapore, we suggest that you dine in the food centres and hawker stalls around ChinaTown, and eat like the locals. Surprisingly, they scrumptious meals like Chicken Rice, Chili Crab and Laksa ( a spicy noodle soup).

3.       Visit the Gardens by the Bay as early as possible

Although the Gardens by the Bay is awesome during night, it can be quite crowded around this time. Moreover, it closes early so if you don’t want to miss this beautiful view, it is best that you come here early. Other places like the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest open up at 9am. Going here 15 minutes early will help you avoid the long line of visiting tourists who also want to see the view.

4.       It’s okay to drink tap water

Don’t worry the water in Singapore is safe to drink. This is a great opportunity to save on buying water in a bottle. We suggest that you bring refillable water bottles so you can get free water as you tour and help save the world get rid of plastic trash.

5.       Take advantage of the Happy Hour

Alcohol can really get pricey in Singapore. A glass of cocktail can cause as much as $16.50USD and much more when you go downtown. But here’s the key. If you really want to experience an awesome nightlife in Singapore, you need to wait for the Happy Hour.  When the clock ticks at 5pm, Happy Hour in Singapore starts kicking and will stop at around 9pm. All bars across the city will normally have their prices going down too.

There are a lot of things to do in Singapore. Don’t limit your day by sightseeing just one city. Since Singapore is a small country, you can maximize your time when you visit every iconic spot when you get here.